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Did you know...We are one of the only Canmore/Banff firm with a CPM and CMOC. We were the first Canmore/Banff firm to bring full website advertising of rental properties. We were the first Canmore/Banff firm to bring you "condominium documents online"!

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Does your condominium have a WCB Account?
Tuesday, May 24, 2011
Gone are the days when you could hire the young lad or gal from across the street to mow the lawn or rake leaves without some form of liability for their well being. In todays world, anyone hired by the condominium, even for $5, is required to be covered by WCB in case of injury, no matter how small the injury may be. Where they do not have their own WCB coverage, the condominium must ensure it is in place or they (the condominium) can be held liable for the requiremented premiums and any applied penalties. Regardless of the size of the company, or how long an individual contractor has been around, they must be covered. (note: in many cases single/owner opertaor contractors such as a handyman do not have their own ceoverage, or want to pay for it. The condominium must ensiure they are covered, or provide coverage to them. WCB legislation also does "not" permit the coverage premiums to be charged back to the contractor.) As with most government requirements, an Annual Filing, plus required updates, is required to ensure proper coverages and premiums. Are your condominiums WCB filings up to date?

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