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Serving our clients and bringing professional, cost effective, and personalized management to your condominium or investment property. Headed by CPM®(Certfied Property Manager), CMOC (Certfied Manager of Condominiums) our team is your team, from the start to the finish. Whether your property is a single investment property, a 4 unit condominium complex, or an apartment building or a 255 unit plus condominium complex, why not have the Asset West team on your side.

Did you know...We are one of the only Canmore/Banff firm with a CPM and CMOC. We were the first Canmore/Banff firm to bring full website advertising of rental properties. We were the first Canmore/Banff firm to bring you "condominium documents online"!

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Property Not Selling? Considering Renting It Out?
Monday, October 03, 2011
Is your property currently listed for sale and not selling? Are you considering renting it out to assist with covering your carrying costs, or perhaps you are now looking at your property as a Real Estate investment and are now considering holding on to it for another 2 to 5 years (or longer). Real Estate investments are typically long term, and depending on who you speak with, the general rate of residential property appreciation can be anywahere from 3.5% to 10% per year, depending on the location and current market conditions. This coupled with rental revenue, and the paying down of the mortage by use of the monthly rent can increase your overall return on investment significantly. Just think, in 3 years (as an example), your property appreciates at the lower end, lets say 3.5% (still far better than any bank has offerred in the last 2 years), plus your mortgage was also paid down with 3 years of payments (all from your rental revenue). While there may be a few minor hick hups along the way, such as a month of vacancy here or there, or a minor required repair, these can be minimized with proper and professional marketing and management by a professional property management firm such as Asset West. With any investment there will always be ups and downs of some sort, our job is to try and minimize and remove them, to allow the owner the ability to rest easy knowing they and their investment are well looked after. And when the time to sell reappears, we work with both your Realtor and your tenant to facilitate a smooth process.

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